Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trax Collectors Club Member FJ Panelvans

The gnomes at Trax have been busy stuffing envelopes with small garishly painted FJ Panel Vans this month, and sending them to Trax Club Members. This year is the tenth year that Trax sent Club Members an FJ in the annual renewal pack (along with the ten dollar voucher and a copy of 'Keeping Trax') this years version is much more appealing than some they have produced!

The photo below (kindly provided by David Johnson) shows all ten of the club member FJ Panelvans, with the 2010 version on the upper shelf to the right of the Trax Club foundation member badge (issued in 2008). 

David has a very nice collection, which at current estimates is worth between 100 dollars and 250 dollars (excluding his badge). These 1/55 scale models often appear on Ebay, and sell for between 10 and 25 dollars. Although FJ Panelvans dont really fit my collection, I hang on to them for ridiculously sentimental reasons. 

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