Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome to Capital Diecast Garage


If you are reading this then you have an interest in diecast cars. On this blog I will post items relating to my collection of diecst cars, cars I am buying or selling, and other snippets of interest related to diecast cars. Occasionally I will also veer into resin models as well!

I have been collecting diecast cars since I was a small child, and stopped smashing my Matchbox cars with a hammer when I was about twelve. By 18 I had a display case with Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, Brumm, Lledo and others. I then lived like a gypsy and although the collecting continued, they went into boxes as I flitted from state to state and house to house.

Over time, my collecting became far more focussed and I now concentrate on 1/43 diecast cars, mainly of Australian vehicles. I do have a few 1/18 and other sizes, but I prefer 1/43 cars. I have bought a few Code 3's from Ebay and after my last purchase, have decided to modify some of my cars to Code 3 and try and make them a little more accurate.

So welcome to the Capital Diecast Garage. I would offer you a tiny 1/43rd scale beer, but I am yet to see a 1/43 scale Esky!

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  1. Good collection!!! congratulation. I love a matchbox model