Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out of the Garage - Sold on Ebay

I photograph all the models that I sell, and sometimes these little cars look simply amazing. Im trying to be strict about what I sell, whittling the collection down to my core interests - instead of the Magpie ' I like that car' approach I previously held. This hasnt stopped me buying new cars though, especially Hot Wheels and Matchbox. Sometimes I will also buy 'lots' of car if I see one Im after, and sell the rest.

I thought I might post some photos of cars I have sold here, as a way to remember them. I am glad they have found homes where they are appreciated.

Look at that pickle! Beautiful model.
Great colour scheme, and nice for the Yesteryear collector. 
Great graphics. 
Deep glossy black and period advertising. Nice.
Red and blue Unic taxis.
Three pre-war Brumm 1:43 models. Bentleys sold quickly.
Trio of 1:64 Nascar Hot Wheels. Good detail for scale.
Hot wheels insanity. 
Majorette Golf and a caravan, also sold quickly.
LLedo MG racer, beautiful model. Popular, wish I had more to sell!
Matchbox VW ambulance. 
Vivid yellow Matchbox Ford Transit. Lots of watchers, but took awhile to sell. 
Matchbox Corvette. Very nice colour scheme.
Matchbox Porsche. Common model, but nice and crisp.
I was amazed when this sold, but VW's are always popular.
This went quickly as well. Maisto colour scheme. 
I now regret selling these. Trio of Matchbox Vipers.
Maisto Tonka. Hey - its got four wheels...

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