Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blue Hot Wheels Ford Falcon XB Coupe

Since late 2009 Hot Wheels have released three Ford Falcon XB Coupes in Yellow, Blue and Red. It has been an enormously popular casting for Hot Wheels and some very high prices were paid for them on Ebay, although that fervour has now died down. 
The blue really suits the casting, and the same GT paint scheme as used on the yellow version has been applied here, although the contrasts are silver not back. 
 The same criticisms I mad in my initial review still apply. There are some inaccuracies and the tampo paint could have been used a little more wisely.
I can see this casting staying in the Hot Wheels range for many years to come, and the enormous popularity among collectors for both unmodified versions and code 3 custom versions remains strong. 
To the rating:
Hot Wheels Blue XB Falcon Coupe

Quality  5
Design    7
Colours   7
X-factor  7

Rating: 26/40

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