Monday, March 7, 2011

Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club March 2011 Meeting

The March meeting of the Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club was held last night at its usual venue, the Eastlake Football Club in Kingston. This months theme was 'convertibles'. 
Setting up displays is serious business
Louies Volkswagen convertibles
Very interesting Minichamps 1/43 of a rare Swiss VW custom convertible. The engine cover looks like a bonnet. This was an exquisite model.
I bought along 1/64 Hot Wheels and Matchbox VW 181's or Things. The red one is a Lesney Edition VW 181. I like both these castings. The tan VW was never available locally, and I bought it in the US. 
Clive bought along this extremely interesting rubber model. US made with Auburn as the only ID mark underneath it. Rubber wheels, wire axles. Scale - about 1/24 but I doubt thats exact. This is a one piece rubber model, similar to a slush cast toy car. I did a bit of googling and found this article on Auburn rubber toys
Del Prado 1/43's with a Corgi in the centre 
Sam's display. That VW is umm an acquired taste. Sam had a display board, which he arrayed his cars on. Then looked at it, put the cars back in the cases, stacked them in a artistic manner and put his display board away! He had a 1/43 Bugeye Sprite which looked really nice. 
1/43 Corvettes. I forget the maker. 
There was a bit of trading going on last night, a few loose 1/43's, some Matchbox regular wheels and Superfasts, Hot Wheels, Yesteryears. I asked if the blue Matchbox cases were for sale, they weren't...
I sold a trio of Hot Wheels Falcons. The red Falcon is not available in Australia and was imported from the US. It's a nice model, metal base and body, rubber tyres on separate rims, unique paint. The Fimcar book wasn't for sale, I took it with me to show people.
After looking through the diecast treasures, I did buy these three Matchbox cars. The wrecker is in very good condition, its a transitional model - a regular wheel model with superfast wheels. The VW and the Porsche 935 are black Matchbox 1/75's and will fit neatly in my collection. I have almost completed my sub-collection of Matchbox wreckers, only a few to go. I bought these off Sam. I asked him about the garish paint job on the Porsche, and he told me its from a set of Chinese New Year cars, he had the other four cars in the set - but I didn't buy them. 

The meeting was a lot of fun, with discussion on all sorts of subjects tangentially relating to model cars. If you are a model car collector in Canberra, its well worth coming along to the monthly meetings. 

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