Thursday, January 26, 2012

Golden Wheels M.A.N. BP Tanker

On my way back from Melbourne late last year I stopped for LP Gas at a BP service station on the Hume Highway, and spotted this Matchbox Convoy sized diecast promotional model. It cost around nine dollars, from memory. It is a Golden Wheels model, with a diecast cab and tanker chassis, but the rest is plastic. 
 Well packed for transportation and display instore
 The truck is apparently a MAN TGA XXL. I guess Golden Wheels have de-detailed it just enough to escape licencing it.
 It is surprisingly detailed for a promotional model, with a little ladder, warning signs and a detailed tanker

 Very little detail on the base - i'm not sure what scale this model is
 This is toy like - no detail at all
 Golden Wheels BP Tanker 2011 vs Matchbox BP tanker circa 1980's

I'm not a great collector of model trucks, but I do have a subset of petrol tankers, so I purchased it based on that alone. The quality is toylike and there is little detail - apart from on the tanker. The cab could be any generic truck, and there are no diesel tanks or a bull bar, or any detail like headlights picked out. The price was similar to what one pays for a Matchbox Real Working Rig, but the quality is definitely not there. It's not a bad looking model, but it lacks that 'X' factor.

To the rating:

Golden Wheels BP petrol tanker 
Quality  5
Design    6
Colours   6
X-factor  5

Rating: 21/40


  1. Not bad for a promotional, but the trailer wheels are too far forward spoiling the overall look

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