Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summernats burnout pad

Summernats is Canberras premier custom car show, held  every year in the first week of january. (See my other blog On Four Wheels for more Summernats goodness). This year I noticed a clever piece of merchandise - which I snapped up. A mousemat disguised as The Summernats Burnout pad! 

The real burnout pad is a marvel to watch - massively overpowered cars spin their tyres from one end of the track to the burnout pad, then start circling and pirouetting - generating massive clouds of smoke - until the tyres or engine blow. A double tyre blow is particularly prized. Clouds of tyre smoke waft over the crowd... This post captures one trip down the burnout pad

Here we have Ernie emulating a burnout...

Sadly no tyres blown...

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