Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gashaball Supercarz by Kaiyu

I am always on the lookout for what I like to term 'Low end diecast' and found this new to me brand of approximately 1:64 or three inch cars, at the local service station when paying for LP gas. One of the best things about these sorts of finds are the interesting discoveries that you sometimes make while trying to find out who exactly makes the car.

Let me present for your enjoyment Gashaball Supercarz... by Kaiyu

 Gashaball Supercarz BMW X5
 Gashaball Supercarz BW Z4
 Gashaball Supercarz Porsche Cayman

Looking cosely at the rear of the blister reveals that they are Gashaball 'Supercarz'. I can deduce by Googling that they are a Chinese manufactured range of cars for the Mexican market. They are distributed in Australia by a company called 'Teddy and Friends' and retail for $1.99. Oddly, although Gashaball appear to be a Mexican brand, the packaging on these three cars is in English. 

 Rear of Gashaball Supercarz blister
base of Gashaball Supercarz BMW X5

For a closer look, I freed the BMW from its blister. The base has no manufacturers name, it says 2009 BMW X5 and Made in China and KY 80601-1. Despite not carrying the distinctive Motormax MM on the base, it looks very similar to a Motormax car. 

The wheels look identical those used in the 3inch Motormax range, and the car matches the BMW X5 in the Motormax catalogue (although in the catalogue it says it is #6025). The clear plastic windscreen with a cast in wiper is identical on both the Gashaball and the Motormax. 

I even checked a very good reference Dana Johnsons Toynutz page, and this packaging and brand isn't listed. I'm convinced this is a Motormax in another brands packaging. 

The baseplate details are niggling away at me though, so I googled the KY 80601-1 and discover a company called Kaiyu Industrial with this car on its website, and the product number. So it isn't a Motormax! Its a copy of a Motormax - and a very good one. 

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  1. I know about the connection with Mondo Motors from Italy and Motormax with the 1:64 line. I've been looking for a Subaru Impreza WRX STi in blue that also has Motormax type wheels.
    What I like about thuis post is that the BMW come swith a top, I would like to loor the car in other perspective.