Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where Hot Wheels cars are designed

Most people have a workplace. Some work in the fields, reaping sheaves of wheat, others toil away in front of computer monitors at their places of enslavement. Then we have the Mattel employees, whose workspace has recently been the subject of an article in 'Interior Design' magazine.

Cattle pens with no views. MORE HOT WHEELS SCHNELL SCHNELL!

Built in a former aircraft factory, the Mattel design center in El Segundo California, feature the latest faddish office furniture and design elements. Personally, I like a view of the outside world. 
Great vinyl mural on the wall, Looks like a Crown Vic and a Mustang. A pedal car is also on display, or is it a form of transport for employees... Im not sure what the big pipes in the ceiling area are, could be aircon or perhaps Mattel have a ducted message system where you place letters and small items in canisters which are sucked into the system and moved throughout the building.  
Nice Camaro. very understated. 
600 Hot Wheels on display. The online article I linked to says they are Matchbox cars. Since both Matchbox and Hot Wheels are owned by Mattel, its hard to say. Nice display cabinet though
This is best photo which shows the cars on display.

All these photos are the property of Interior Design and are used here until they email me and ask me to remove them. It is kind of creepy that there are no people in the photos. In the article it says that there is 56 square feet per employee in their cubicles. Maybe they have all revolted and resigned en masse. Maybe there are no employees. Perhaps Skynet computers design Barbie Dolls and Hot Wheels cars ? 

In the HQ of CDG we have beanbags. I'll email the Interior Design people and ask if they want to feature me. 

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  1. All the models in the display were sent to me by collectors from around the world. I organized them and am keeping track of this project. I started it to build an archive for Mattel of 1 of each casting from 1953-2000. I have a long way to go but am well on the way.

    Jim Gallegos.