Monday, May 31, 2010

Matchbox Error cards

They say that more than three of anything is a collection... so I guess I have a small collection of Matchbox error cards. The problem is that apart from the VW 181, I dont really collect these other Matchbox cars, so i have decided to let them go to another persons collection via my Ebay store

I find these error cards interesting, and I guess that with the millions of cars that the factories churn out, there has to be a few mistakes made such as these. With the bulk of these cars bought by kids, who dont care about errors, error cards are scarce - especially as the years go by. 
I always keep my eye out for these errors for some reason, and end up buying them. With enough cars in the Capital Diecast Garage, I dont need to start another large sub-collection, so I will let these go. 

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