Thursday, January 20, 2011

Canberra Diecast Swapmeet 2011 ?

I'm thinking of organising a diecast swapmeet in Canberra.

Any suggestions would be helpful, as i've not organised one before.

As a primarily small scale collector, that is what Im aiming for - and i'd also like genuine 'swapping' instead of just rows of professional stall holders. Im not sure how I arrange or encourage that. I think a mix would be best.

There were quite a few diecast stall holders at the car shows i've been to in the region, so there must be a space for a dedicated diecast swapmeet. I asked at the Canberra Model Vehicles Collector Club about swapmeets and they said that they held them to attract new members, and they weren't getting any new members, so they stopped.

Well, I collected for 20 plus years before I joined any club, and I think i'd like to organise one just so I can shake Canberra diecast collectors out of the tree and see if they want to trade their treasures.

If Canberra based readers read this - please share your thoughts.

Anyone else with swapmeet organising experience - I'm keen on your advice as well.

I'm not imagining i'd need to rent EPIC, but I was impressed by the model railroaders use of the Kaleen high school Gym for their swapmeet last year.

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