Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diecast Wrecking Yard Diorama

I thought I'd drop by the local diecast wreckers in my new matchbox Commodore VE Ute and see if I could find a grille for a 62 Chevy Pickup Ive been wrenching on.
 I've heard these guys have a little bit of everything.
 They just carted away an old van.
 Thats way too much for a 40 year old Dodge.
That Lotus is nice, too bad its doors wont open.
 Enrico is cutting off the front of that car with his gas axe.
Darren the owner, told me to look over there for the grille, and waved his hand in this direction...
 Hey is that the grille on the roof of that Jag ? 

I might ask Enrico to get that 9 inch out of the Galaxie when hes finished on that panel van. 

Hey there's that grille! Looks like I'll be able to finish that Code 3 of the 62 Chev after all! It was on the bonnet of that sad old primered wreck.

Can you name all the cars and diecast manufacturers in this diorama ?


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