Monday, March 8, 2010

Biante 1:43 - Dick Johnson Tru Blu XD Falcon 1980 Bathurst

In 1980 Dick Johnson went to Bathurst in a roaring snorting 351 cubic inch powered XD Falcon Sedan, sporting his famous number 17, and a map of Queensland on the roof,  to have a crack at the greatest trophy in Australian motor sport. Biante have reproduced this famously unsuccessful car with great success in 1:43.
Sadly for Dick Johnson in the 1980 race, someone rolled a rock onto the track, which he hit, destroying this car, the famous Tru Blu XD Falcon, and his chance of winning. 
From this disaster, something very special happened. He generated enormous good will and importantly - cash. Ford announced they would match dollar for dollar any donation. He raised 70 thousand dollars, and attracted new sponsors and official Ford factory support. This placed Johnson in the big time, up there with Brock and Moffat. It made his career. 
The diecast scale model is very nice. Biante have reproduced the famous DJR Ford Falcon XD Tru Blu in 1:43 in their Motor Racing Legends series. It is an outstanding model, with excellent detail and accurate racing livery. The interior is detailed with racing seats, roll cage and even the harness. 
The base plate is highly detailed, with the advanced XD leaf spring suspension, the racing drop tank and enormous fire snorting side exhaust. The tyres and wheels are reproduced in fine detail. 
How do you display this car, it has so many excellent angles. The roof features the famous map of Queensland that was on all Dick Johnson racing cars, with the famous number 17. 

The packaging is plain, but the car is not. This model is essential in any collection of Australian Motor Sport cars, not because of its lack of success, but because of the future it created.

Biante - Dick Johnson Racing XD Ford Falcon - 1980 Bathurst
Quality  9
Design    9
Colours   6
X-factor  9

Rating: 33/40

You can read more about Dick Johnson at Wikipedia.

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