Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Ho! 44 Bulldozer repair using Matchbox 8d parts

I was looking at my Fun Ho! fleet in preparation for the April Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club meeting - the theme for that evening will be 'state of origin'. I will be taking all my Fun Ho! along - as they are all of NZ origin.

I would like to take the Fun Ho! bulldozer along - but it lacked treads. What to do?

Knowing that many Fun Ho! castings are close copies of Lesney castings, I had a quick flick through Warmans 'Matchbox Field Guide' and sure enough - it's almost identical to the Matchbox regular wheel 8d bulldozer. The main and significant difference being that the Fun Ho! has a lifting bucket at the front.

Matchbox tractor 8d (ebay ad photo)
Fun Ho 44 (photo from the Toy Cabin)

The castings are so similar except that Fun Ho! 44 has a few alterations, that allow it to be used as a bull dozer with a flat blade, and a lifting bucket. My main concern was - would the Matchbox tracks fit the fun Ho!?

I asked on the Matchbox Collectors Community Hall forums for replacement parts suppliers - and received a few pointers. I went with 'RecoverToy' located in Australia. They were able to supply a set of tracks to fit the Matchbox 8d. 

When they arrived - I fitted them - and they were perfect. They aren't black, like the ones in the photo above - but they fit, and suit the playworn dozer. RecoverToy also threw in a sheet of decals with my order - which was a pleasant surprise. I am very happy with the result. 

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  1. Well done for your job! You modify it very well that’s not looking repaired.