Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playart Lamborghini Countach

Occasionally you come across a car that ticks all the boxes in your collecting interests. For me, this car - a black Playart Lamborghini Countach - is one of them. I have been after an example for this for sometime - so when I saw this mint, carded example on Ebay - I was very keen. Fortunately I was the only bidder. Postage was more expensive than the car! Note that the car carries 'Charmers' as the brand name. 

Playart is an interesting company that has now sadly disappeared. Beginning like so many other diecast companies in Hong Kong in the late 1960's, Playart offered a wide range of castings under their own name and for house brands in US and European supermarkets. Many of their castings bear a close resemblance to Tomicas of the era. I'm not sure when Playart stopped producing diecast cars, but one of their last offerings was a 1980's Mustang. 

Rear of Playart Lambo card - showing the range of 'Charmerz' cars. 

This example is mint and carded. Normally, I'm happy to release cars from their plastic blisters into the wild, but I'm having second thoughts on this one. I might look for a good playworn or loose example to sit on the shelf. 

For more info on Playart, I recommed Doug Breithaupts article here

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  1. i just got this one as a loose item. Wondering what the blister would look like. Thanks for putting this specific info :)