Monday, January 18, 2010

Dales Cars - Exhibition at CMAG - Part two

Part two of Dales Cars, and thanks for the emails. I have fixed the comments section now, so feel free to post comments. I will pick up from part one with some more photos of the Russian 1/43 cars.

Tiny little Lada Nivas.

Lots of British makes here, I see Vanguard, Corgy, Dinky.

Some more Trax photos.

I see some Leyland P76 models hiding in there.

Unbelievable! Even in 1/43 people confuse Leyland and Valiant!

It looks like a 1970's carpark!

I had a request for a blowup of Basil thrashing the Mini panelvan.

Ive always liked the Delorean. These Back to the Future cars are nicely represented in 1/43.

Since I posted on the exhibition, I have been informed that the Head of Trax came to Canberra last week, and gave a talk on selling and manufacturing little cars. I wish Trax had told people like their Trax Club members, that this was going to occur. I definitely would have attended.

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