Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club

The Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club is the ideal place for collectors of diecast, plastic or tin-plate model vehicles to get together to talk models, swap models and look at other collectors model cars. 

The CMVCC has been meeting once a month for over 30 years. They have a regular monthly meeting at 7.30 PM on the first Monday of the month at the Eastlake Football Club in Kingston, Canberra. We have a room to ourselves with several tables at which we can display models and then sit around and talk model vehicles and industry news (ok, gossip). Each meeting attracts around a dozen members from all walks of Canberra life (and even some from Queanbeyan).  

The group is a friendly welcoming place and has a club library of books related to model cars that can be made available to members for research purposes. The latest model magazines are usually brought along and passed around for others to read. 

If you mainly research your model car information on the internet, then you are missing out - some members have been collecting model cars since WW2 and are an absolute encyclopaedia of model car information, and they love to talk... 

Each meeting has a different display theme, which gives members the opportunity to display their models to other members. Look at various posts on this blog for some of those displays. 

Members collect model vehicles in all categories and scale, from 1:8 to 1:144 and all in between. They have bought along model vehicles made from diecast, tinplate and even vulcanised rubber! At every meeting members trade or sell models to each ther. They often look out for other members and keep them in mind, especially when a member is keenly looking for something missing from their collection. 

Yes, there are Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Trax, Biante and Classics Carlectable collectors every month! 

If you decide to join, there is a small annual fee of $20 and a monthly newsletter that is emailed to members.

For more information contact me or just turn up to a meeting!

When:  7.30 PM on the first Monday of every month 
Where: Eastlake Football Club in Kingston, Canberra


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