Current Ebay Auctions

I do sell diecast cars on Ebay, but only diecast that will sell for more than $10. Listing cars for less than this is a waste of time and money, as Ebay and Paypal eat all the profit. I'm a collector, not a retail outlet. I was listing over a hundred 1:64 scale cars from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Maisto, Welly etc, but the listing costs for cars at only $2 each was horrendous - especially if they didn't sell and the auctions rolled over for another month.

In short - ebay fees were making me pay Ebay for the privilege of letting them sell my cars. Don't get me started on Paypal fees...

What happened to your Ebay store? 

My Ebay store has been closed but I will list cars using my ebay id.

Are you still selling diecast cars on Ebay ?

Yes - you can see all my current auctions here.

Currently I am listing bulk lots of Emergency Service Vehicles. Four fire trucks per lot!

Do you still accept Paypal ?

I will still accept Paypal for sales through Ebay, and for sales from this blog. See Payment and Postage page for further details.