Saturday, July 21, 2012

Matchbox SRT Viper - Code 3

The Mattel design team have made some very controversial decisions for the 2012 Matchbox range. They have delivered a selection of garish designs and odd generic models which have not proved popular in the adult collector community. One hopes that their core audience - kids who play with these cars - are happy, and that sales have boomed as a result. 

One casting that suffered spectacularly from this design decision was the Dodge Viper. I decided to 'improve' the Matchbox teams colour choice, by stripping the garish tampo, and detailing the car. This is a fairly light Code 3 of this car, with glass and wheels untouched. 
I used nail polish remover and some earwax remover buds to remove the tampos. This took some time and as i decided to keep the SRT signage, i had to be extra careful. I did rub a little too hard and too long at one point and removed some of the pearl white paint in one area. it was carefully touched up and cant be seen now. 
With the main garish blue tampo removed, I used a silver paint pen to detail the exhaust, door mirrors and headlights. Red paint on a fine brush was applied to the brake lights and the brake light above the rear windscreen. Below the rear brake lights I used the silver paint pen to highlight the reflector part of the brake light array and the numberplate area. I went over the external edge of the rear lower spoiler with a white paint pen. 
A black paint pen was used to fill in the vent above the main bumper, the grilles in the bonnet and the four radiator holes in the main front bumper. There is also an air vent just above the windscreen on the roof which also had a touch of black paint arrived. 
In this view you can see where the silver paint pen was also used on the fuel filler caps on the rear deck. White paint was used on the front spoiler, but has come up gray. I may strip that paint off, but it was the only element of this minor Code 3 job I am unhappy with. The underlying pearl white paint is very attractive. 

If you are unhappy with the main design theme on this years matchbox range, I recommend you apply my approach to your favoured casting. Check back here for my take on the VW Amarok.