My Wanted List (update 31 October)

I am always interested in the following diecast cars:
  • Dinkum Classics 1/43 P76's
  • Dinkum Classics 1/43 Bolwell Nagari (built or unbuilt)
  • Fimcar 1/43 P76's
  • Bonza Model 1/43 cars in kit form or built
  • Fun Ho! Midget Models in good condition, or in original packaging (Not ones made from leftovers in the 90's)
  • Fun Ho! large scale Holden Ute 
  • Streamlux 3 inch cars
  • Variations of the Matchbox Superkings K7 Racing Transporter.
  • Trax TR9S 1/43 XR Ford Fairmont 1/43 in Black
  • Trax TR35 1/43 Valiant 'R' in Gloss Black  (thanks to Brett from Top Gear!)
  • Matchbox Superfast 1-75 series- any model - in black 
  • Hot Wheels 64 Riviera 2003 matt black version
  • Hot Wheels Lamborghini Countach's
  • Matchbox Lamborghini Countach's
  • Maisto 'Fresh Metal' Lamborghini Countach's from mid-80's
  • Maisto 'Fresh Metal' Porsche Panamera
  • Ford Torino Talledegas in 1:43 or 1:64 scale
  • Johnny Lightning Plymouth Roadrunner Superbirds 1:64
  • Johnny Lightning Dodge Daytonas in 1:64
  • Dodge Daytonas or Plymouth Roadrunner Superbirds in any scale
  • Hot Wheels Tucker Torpedoes
  • Johnny Lightning Tucker Torpedoes
  • Matchbox/Dinky/Solido/Yat Ming/Brooklin Tucker Torpedoes in 1:43
If you have any of these, and see something in my 'for sale' pages, email me with good quality photos of the cars you want to trade, and we might be able to do a trade.

Email address - capdiecast at gmail dot com