Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hot Wheels Dodge 77 Van - Black with flames!

Yeah yeah, another black diecast car... but this one is different - it has flames on it! this little gem is a recent Hot Wheels release. The latest version of the Custom '77 Dodge Van, is definitely the best looking version of this casting that Hot Wheels have produced. Designed by Jun Imai, this car first appeared in 2008 and has appeared in no less than 15 different versions since then! In 2011 this version is available, as well as a burgundy version, with gold flames. Forget that one - this is the jam!
In a perfect satin black, with red, yellow and orange tampo print flames down the sides, this little van makes a statement. Im not a great fan of plastic bases, preferring metal/metal - but the gold plastic base really suits this car. Look at the gold grille and front air dam. 
The generous tampo printing on the flame work means that features like rear taillights etc are absent. This is a model that could benefit from a little superdetailing by its owner. 
The gold chrome 5 spoke wheels are also just right for this model, matching the rest of the gold plastic. While not as attractive as the new FTE wheels, they do suit this car.
The surprise feature of this car is the detailed interior. Completely visible through the clear plastic roof, you can see a well setup interior for the average shaggin wagon owner. I can see plenty of seats, but no mattresses! The interior is in red plastic, and matches the gold chrome and black satin paint well. A nice little car from Hot Wheels for the 2011 model year. 

The rating:

Hot Wheels Custom '77 Dodge van - Black with flames
Quality   9
Design    9
Colours   9
X-factor  9

Rating: 36/40

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  1. According to the shape of the stops, that truck is not 1977 but 1978 model