Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre-production shots from ARMCO/Models56 - Brock GTR-X, Ford Landau and Geoghegan Mustang

While I was writing the reviews of the ARMCO FC Holden and GTHO Super Falcon for Detail magazine, I emailed a few questions to Models56. They shared with me some of their upcoming products - and have given me permission to post a few photos here. 
This is a 1:43 resin Torana GTR-X in 'what if' brock bathurst livery. I believe its endorsed by the Brock Foundation. This is a test shot for the decals. 
A more complete pre-production test example. With rear spoiler, racing wheels. This version will have an opening bonnet, and an engine. A first for 1:43 resin in Australia. 
This is a resin test shot of the pattern for the Pete Geoghegan 67 Mustang. Note the open bonnet and highly detailed engine bay. I dont know how far away this model is. 
A very early pattern of a 1:43 Ford Landau. Once again, I do not know how far away this car is from delivery, but am looking forward to it.

If you collect high quality 1:43 Australian cars, I'd recommend visiting the Models56 website.

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