Monday, November 7, 2011

Canberra model vehicle Collectors Club - Nov meeting - Diorama Night

Tonight was the November meeting of the Canberra Model Vehicle Collectors Club, and it was an excellent turnout with over a dozen members - plus two new model collectors who came along (and may join). Held as usual, upstairs at the Eastlake Football Club in Kingston. 
 Its amazing how much time you can spend talking about Dinky restorations
 I took along the latest Revolution Models resin cars - they were the topic of much discussion. these are a series of Commodores - Clubsports, SV99 etc. 
 Dinky restorations
 Screwed baseplate of a repainted Dinky Morris Oxford
 Much neater restoration, with replica rivets used
 The quality of repaints/restos was another very popular discussion theme. 
This months 'theme' was officially 'Dioramas'. Nice use of plastic railway buildings here. The buildings had LED lighting in them, and the Hotel sign had alternate flashing letters. 
 I like this Chrysler a lot. Tomica?
 Star Wars diorama

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  1. The Chrysler that was referred to above is actually a Tomica Cadillac Seville (F45). The actual car in this style was made from 1980-85