Friday, February 11, 2011

Trax TR81 Valiant AP6 Sedan

There is no doubt that Trax castings and general quality improves incrementally. Although their recent Opal series has jumped up the quality table quite a few notches with opening doors, boots and bonnets, with detailed engine bays and undercarriages, their is still life in the regular Trax series. 

This is Trax's latest Chrysler Valiant offering, the TR81 AP5 valiant sedan in dark Red with Maroon interior. The colour certainly suits it, and the paint quality is excellent. Flawless. Released in 2010, it is still available on Traxs website (as of Feb 2011). 
Although is is a beautiful model, it still has some flaws, relating to  previous Trax practices, which are gradually being updated on new castings.  Example - the headlights: Trax are still using their old style headlamps on this car with obvious sprue right in the centre - Trax please work on your headlights. The door mirrors also appear to be a little oversized.

Grilles, badges and indicators are excellent. This model in real life featured a complex grille arrangement with body coloured panels and chrome, Trax have tackled this and executed it very well. Look at that boot badge! I also like the dealer number plate. A nice touch.
The interior has good detailing, with dash, seats, rear view mirror etc all looking accurate. The white steering wheel looks great. Like the door mirrors, the wiper also looks a little thick. Contrast this with the corner vent windows in the front doors, which are finely cast. Odd how Trax can be so careful in one area and not in another. The whitewall tyres and detailed hubcaps are a nice touch. Trax could have just used black tyres. I like this touch, it shows consideration.
Nice stance.Trax have got this absolutely right. 
Clean base, with some detailing on the exhaust and sump. Trax are still using screws in their regular 1/43 line, which are much better than the infernal wires in the Opal series. I do like the current clear cases and screwed bases that Trax are using. The cars are secure for travel, easy to remove and look good on display with the clear case removed or left in place.  
To the all important ratings.

I like this car, it doesn't have the X-factor of other cars, but Trax have presented a nicely detailed, and attractive offering. The Valiant had plenty of chrome and badges all over it to attract the higher end of the car buying market in 1965 and Trax chose a nice colour and variant to offer. Trax certainly haven't skimped on the chrome in this model - mirrors, grilles, bumpers, door handles, C pillar badges - plenty of tiny chrome pieces on display here! This model will please Chrysler fans and people who appreciate quality diecast cars in their collections. This car will stay in my collection.


Trax TR81 AP5 Valiant Sedan in Dark red with Maroon interior 1/43 scale

Quality  8
Design    7
Colours   8
X-factor  6

Rating: 31/40

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