Saturday, May 29, 2010

Code 3 - Maisto VW Type 3 Wagen - part 1

My friend Glenn and his son have taken this VW Type 3 Wagon to the last two Summernats. Its a nice car, and they have a lot of fun cruising around in it. It was a father and son project, so means a lot to both of them. 
So when i saw a VW Squareback hanging on the shelves of Toys'r'Us I decided to build a tribute to my friend and his son. Im in the 'acquiring parts needed' stage at present. My next post will be on the strip down. And for blog reader Russ - this car is 1:64...


  1. looking forward to the custom Maisto VW

  2. So am I Komenda - im trying to find 1:43 size moon discs...